Best baby freebies

You might be surprised at all the free baby stuff you can score if you just ask. Three of the ladies at the office joined, and we all got something a little different. Seuss books. Check with your friends and family to see if they have, or know someone who has, free baby stuff hanging around.

You get sent a letter in the post, which contains a small, fold-out paper first aid guide — which features both written intrustctions and illustrated diagrams.

best baby freebies

Best baby freebies Tell me

  • Log in to access your saved coupons and deals. Pampers Rewards codes generally expire within a day or two so you have to add them to your account right away.
  • Carseat Canopies are lifesavers in a lot of ways, and were a huge favorite of mine for the way they kept our babies private in public and shaded from the sun.
  • Thanks for the comment! I know its cheaper then buying it still but I am unemployed at the moment and when I see free I can use I jump on it so shipping fees are really irritating.
  • Comments 4 Published May 23, This page is for ongoing freebies.

Similar to local Facebook communities, NextDoor provides opportunities for interactions with neighbors and people living nearby. I recently did a search in my area and I found a free toddler bed, bounce chair, formula, baby bath, toys, car seats, clothes, a stroller, and lots more.

Here are some popular baby registries that frequently offer free baby stuff:

Best baby freebies
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